No Stopping the Music!

What’s been happening since this pandemic started? Well, a lot! Thankfully, the music never stopped. We had Zoom recitals, YouTube recitals, the first and second annual international “Play Music on the Porch” events, a virtual multi-arts Prokofiev event, lots of Facetime / Zoom lessons, the Rising Stars Solo Competition, and plenty of “Rainbow candy” toContinue reading “No Stopping the Music!”

Puzzle Talk and Patience

It’s that time of year when the scheduling puzzle begins – piano lessons, sports, dance, church youth nights, and now ever-changing school situations! As new empty nesters, after six children and 32 years of coordinating those new fall schedules, my husband and I are feeling for you parents. Emotions can run high with all ofContinue reading “Puzzle Talk and Patience”

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