Studio Policies

Susan Leavitt Piano Studio


  1. Lessons are $30 per half hour.
  1. Payment is due at the first of each month. Venmo is preferred, but cash/check are also accepted. There is a $10 late fee if payment is not received by the 8th of the month.
  1. Tuition includes private lessons, group theory/performance lessons, and multiple recital opportunities per year.
  1. Each student is responsible to supply assigned music, texts, or other supplies deemed necessary for his/her music education. This includes the purchase of a metronome after six months of piano study. A metronome may be purchased for anywhere from $15 – $40. There are also effective free metronome apps available for your electronic devices. 
  1. Attendance at each lesson is required. My cancellation policy is as follows:

Technically my studio does not close during the scheduled semesters, but if you decide it is unsafe to travel, sickness occurs, or some unforeseen conflict arises, you may consider these alternatives:

  • A Face-Time lesson during the assigned lesson time (preferred) if the student feels well enough or if it is weather-related.
  • Send video of your assignments, with any questions or concerns regarding pieces and/or theory.
  • Do a “lesson swap.” Please let me know of the swap ahead of time. Also let me know if you do not wish to be on the swap list.
  • “No shows” are not made up.
  • Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the lesson are not made up (except if sickness is involved.)
  • Sports / musicals, etc: When you sign up for my studio, your tuition is providing you with a time that is specifically for you. Participation in other activities may conflict with your lesson time. Although I understand the value of these other experiences, I am not able to “sublet” your time to anyone while you are “away.” For this reason, I require payment of at least two lessons per month for the duration of the conflicting activity to maintain your spot, regardless of attendance.

6. Summer Policy: Students are encouraged to continue lessons throughout the summer, which can be a great time to make progress without other distractions. However, summer is also for family time, traveling, and other activities. I offer these three options, which will guarantee you a place in the fall schedule:

a) Continue with summer lessons as often as your schedule and my schedule allows (preferred!)

b) Sign up for a minimum of four lessons during the summer months (June/July.)

c) Opt out of summer lessons and pay a $75 fee per student to guarantee your spot in the fall schedule.

7. If the student/family decides to discontinue lessons, four weeks’ notice is required – four lessons following the announcement of discontinuation will be paid for regardless of whether the student participates in those lessons.

8. In consideration of everyone’s time, lessons will begin and end promptly.

9. Students are expected to practice a sufficient amount of time in preparation for each lesson. Success in learning music and the piano depends upon the student’s preparation during the week. Parental support is imperative. The student and teacher will determine specific practice goals to allow for maximum success. It is essential that the student have access to a piano or full-sized keyboard (88 keys.)

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