Successes from Online Lessons

It’s Friday, and as I complete my last lesson of the week, I am taken aback as I write at the end of my weekly notes, “End of Week 18.” I’ve been teaching virtually for eighteen weeks now? Not something I would have anticipated, but here we are. As I look at ways to open my studio to in-person lessons again, I can’t help but think about some of the successes we have achieved, even in this crazy time.

  • During this time of many activities being canceled, piano lessons have continued on, and students have had more time to practice. I’ve never given out so many “rainbows” before!
  • More responsibility has been placed on the student. They are now the ones who are marking music and adding fingering, giving them a sense of ownership in the process as we work together.
  • I have been able to see where the students practice, what they’re practicing on, and give individual guidance.
  • Thanks to wonderful parents, piano study has become more of a priority and part of daily life!

Sure, there have been challenges, and not all situations are ideal, but I am pleased with our successes as we have plowed through new territory. I am certain we will continue to learn together, and discover new ways to make this work!

Published by Susan Leavitt

Music has been a huge part of Susan's life, from her first "performance" at age four, plunking out the melody of a favorite hymn by ear in church, to now, entering her thirtieth year of teaching piano. She began taking formal lessons at age seven, and continued on, receiving a Bachelor of Music degree in piano performance/pedagogy from Brigham Young University. She has been a member of numerous choirs, as a director, singer and accompanist (piano and organ), performing throughout the community, as well as serving musically in her church. She was the accompanist for award-winning choirs at Cherokee Trail High School in Denver area’s Cherry Creek School District from 2015-2019, performing in Chicago and New York City, and assisted in their preparation for singing at Carnegie Hall. Most recently she joined the Parker Chorale. Susan is a member of Music Teachers National Association, Colorado State Music Teachers Association, and Aurora Music Teachers Association, for which she currently serves as president. Several of her students have received regional recognition and awards. She loves teaching all aspects of the piano, as well as theory, music history, composition, and the joy of all kinds of music. One of her favorite activities is to take students to hear great piano performances. Besides music, her favorite things are spending time with her husband, children, and grandchildren, quilting, gardening, traveling, and daily walks with the family labrador retriever, Rocky.

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